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"Alessandra made a valuable contribution to our business, improving the visibility and reputation of  our company, communicating with all our stakeholders.


What I really appreciate in her work is the sensitivity which shines through every contribution she makes. She has a great ability to really understand and connect with our target audience and identify the detail that makes the difference alongside an incredible ability to express very complex concepts in just in few easy words"

Paolo, CEO of a biotech company operating worldwide

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"When you operate in a sector  where everything has been invented and your competitors are using the same messages that you use to describe their businesses, there is a need for PR that makes a difference and can give a fresh appeal to our communications.


We had plenty of content and needed a professional and original way to present them and Alessandra has made a real difference to this for us" 

Lara, Director of Sales of a high-end furniture manufacturer with global market   

"I met Alessandra within the European research project "Green Leather Industry For the Environment" of which she is Head of Communication. Her strategy, support and decision has been key in creating an organic and wide approach for our project communication. This enabled us to plan and implement several pr and comms activities including the website creation and updating, social media presence, the organisation of conferences and seminars and the writing and distribution of greenlifeproject’s newsletters. The results have been really positive and successful in reaching our audience and creating engagement, resulting in excellent feedback from the European Commission monitoring bodies. From a professional point of view, I appreciate her ability to listen, to frame problems correctly, to synthesize and to propose realistic achievable solutions - and deliver them. Among her areas of "genius" I would include her ethics and trustworthy approach in her work, which I believe is the most important thing, all the rest really comes later"

Guido, Sustainability and Communications manager of a leading tanning company with a global brand

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