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| Short-term Crisis Consultancy

The power of delivering a clear, honest, effective values-aligned message is not to be underestimated during times of crisis: both for the media and your stakeholders. 

 A short term crisis can be anything that causes reputational damage;  from a damaging news article, negative financial report or profit crisis to an employee dispute. 


Speed and quality of the response is of utmost importance.


Delayed, unclear or unsatisfactory responses  invite a vacuum to be quickly filled with rumours, misleading and incorrect messages and damaging conjecture, damaging your media reputation and reducing stakeholder trust. 


Damage limitation and long term risk assessment is essential. 


It takes longer to recover from ‘short term’ crisis impact when unprepared or attempting in-house management. This approach can cause further, unintentional damage. 


We help you preserve and protect your immediate reputation effectively, reduce impact during crisis and offer you a comprehensive communication strategy to respond, navigate and recover.

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