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For more than two decades, we have been supporting journalists with timely facts and statements, obtaining balanced media coverage while helping our clients’ voices to be heard.

We create SEO optimized compelling contents related to our clients’ businesses, which are highly ranked on the web and help counterbalance the negative by presenting our clients’ version of a story.

Devising stakeholders’ engagement plans, we commit authoritative third parties to support our clients, creating, despite a crisis, an opportunity to develop new and profitable dialogues which led to an improved perception of our clients’ brands.

"We don’t need PR: we have a good reputation"

It’s not just about having a good, current reputation, it’s about protecting, maintaining and enhancing that established reputation to ensure your audiences continue to understand and support your brand. It takes time to build a good reputation and just a moment to damage it - alongside your profit lines.


Consumers (even loyal ones) will change their buying habits based on your business behaviours or if they perceive dissonance in your values and ethics.

Companies with good reputations already need excellent and consistent PR in place, it’s good business practice. It’s about avoiding the crisis and effectively damage limitation and recovery should one occur.

Check list!

  1. Do you have a strong relationship with your stakeholders, teams, agencies and audiences?

  2. Do they know and understand your organisational values well?

  3. Do you have consistent and regular communication with them?

  4. Would they support and endorse you in a crisis?

  5. Do you have a strong PR communication strategy in place?

If the answer to any of these is NO or you are UNSURE, then now is the time to look at your communication and PR strategy and put your business in a stronger position to avoid any defensive reactions and promote positive responses. 



WordItOut-word-cloud-4227313 REPUTATION.

"We deal with things in-house"

Are you sure you want to deal with things in-house? Building relationships with external audiences, stakeholders, media and agencies is extremely key as a fresh and strategic perspective is required in order to really understand how to utilise and serve your network in order to satisfy expectations and responsibilities, maintain reputation and build positive brand awareness.

Different media have different approaches to companies and so one size doesn’t fit all.

How you may respond to one will not land well with another. Being able to navigate the media is a skill which most businesses don’t have naturally. BPR has the experience and skills to not only manage this with and for you but to train your internal departments on how to operate to support this. It is also important to consider what they actually want as many time, their agenda is very different to yours so your voice needs to be represented in order to be heard otherwise the media will interpret as they wish.

Don’t wait for crisis to strike

PR consultancy isn’t just about promoting and advertising the good times. It’s about being prepared enough to navigate the bad times too. Even negative press can result in a positive outcome when managed by a skilled PR expert. 

Building a solid communications strategy will consistently support your reputation - in good times and bad. Knowing your company mission and brand values will help to sustain this message by creating strong, connected internal and external communications. 

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