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We deliver a range of bespoke services tailored to your company specific communications needs.


| Full strategic consultancy package 


Protect and enhance your reputation with a consistent strategy that works to prevent any crisis and preserve the future of the company. 

Our long-term strategies take a clear view on all business operations and are mindful of any potential threats and approaching difficulties. Our consultancy provides a comprehensive and executive plan which includes stakeholders’ engagement, a full social media assessment and management strategy, press office and media communications and relationship building, bloggers outreach and content creation.

We also support all art direction and collaborate with graphic departments regarding online events and product launches alongside effective email marketing. 

A strategic consultancy package establishes trust and commitment between you and your stakeholders and outside media, creating a solid reputation and significantly supporting your business to thrive long-term. Within the scope of the consultancy, you will be also granted a limited number of free trainings for company’s teams about how to protect reputation, the most valuable asset for every business.

Initial no-obligation free assessment and call

What’s included:

  • PR, communication and reputation management advisory

  • Social media assessment (social media platforms review), creation and implementation of a bespoke social media strategy, social media management, social media campaign planning and social media crisis management

  • Content creation and management: blogs, newsletters, email marketing, copywriting

  • Stakeholders engagement plan and implementation

  • General training on reputation management

  • Product launches

  • Online product launch strategy and implementation

  • Media outreach: press conference, press office, press release, media monitoring

  • Online event management and communication

  • Bloggers outreach

  • Video interviews

  • Emergency advisory

  • Managing in-house team in relation to crisis

  • Collaborative work on visual direction

  • Editing for commercial documents


| One to One Communication Consultation 


Are you at a crucial turning or crisis point? Need to protect your business reputation? Looking for more strategic communication for a new or existing message? 

Book a comprehensive, expert consultation to get clarity around any of these or other issues. We will help you to take a view of what reputation management can do for you and what you need to do immediately. We will then advise you on a short and long-term strategy to protect and enhancing your business reputation.


Cost: 2 hour consultation £300

| Crisis communication package  


What is a crisis? For corporations, this could be any number of critical incidents from a damaging news article,  negative financial report or a disparaging online review.

 If you are experiencing a crisis, the speed and quality of your response is crucial. Dealing with a crisis for a positive outcome requires a skilful public relations and communication strategy. We deal with press, manage internal communication and preserve your reputation; all for a successful outcome. 

We will assess your crisis as a priority and create the strategy to deliver your message quickly, effectively and with impact. Any delayed, unclear or unsatisfactory response creates a space to be filled with rumours, misleading and incorrect messages and damaging conjectures. 

Our crisis communication package will ensure you have comprehensive and immediate plan to respond promptly and in the correct way.


​Initial no-obligation free assessment and call

What’s included:

  • Emergency advisory

  • Managing in-house team in relation to crisis

  • Social media assessment and social media crisis management

  • Ad-hoc content creation

  • Media outreach: press releases, press interview, press conference, press monitoring

  • Video interview

  • Stakeholder commitment assessment

  • Stakeholders outreach and plan

  • Advisor in eye-catching graphic and collaboration with graphic/design department for crisis related visual

  • Reporting

  • List of advices / Lesson learned document

| No-obligation COVID-19 business impact assessment 

During the global pandemic impact, it is critical to manage any crisis or adversity and to maintain your PR & Communications and stakeholder relationships to ensure your continued stability, growth and profit.


Free COVID-19 business impact assessment

| Other services 

  • Digital PR tools training

  • Advertorials

  • Video interview

  • Video press releases

  • Online event management

  • Media database creation

  • Media monitoring

  • Media relations

  • Media training

  • News story creation & sell-in

  • Press release writing & distribution

  • Reactive media response requests

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