| Short-term Crisis Consultancy

Delivering your message effectively and with impact, using the most advanced technology to attract the attention of media and other key stakeholders during an emergency.

The power of clear, honest and consistent messaging created in alignment with your brand values must never be underestimated.


Preserving and protecting your immediate reputation impact during a critical time would be classed as short-term. This could look like anything from a damaging news article or an employee dispute made public to a negative financial report or profit crisis.


Some businesses take longer to recover from the impact of a ‘short term’ crisis when unprepared or attempting to manage it themselves. What’s important is to respond well to the short-term crisis fast and effectively and then measure and manage the damage limitation and assess risk to the long term.

If you are in a crisis, the speed and quality of the response is of utmost importance. With a delayed, unclear or unsatisfactory response, a vacuum will quickly appear and be filled with rumours, misleading and incorrect messages and damaging conjecture.

This causes stakeholders and media attention and can damage your reputation.

BPR becomes your partner to ensure that, should a crisis strike, you have the best possible comprehensive communication strategy ready and in place to respond, navigate and recover.



| Long-term PR Consultancy

Prevention is better than cure.

Managing the short-term crisis is one vital aspect, but the most effective strategy is to have a relationship in place that works to prevent any looming crisis, that can work consistently with you to build trust with your network.

Longer term strategies take a very clear view on all business operations and are mindful of any potential threats and approaching difficulties. Any crisis or communication need can then often be addressed and more easily dissipated before they occur.  Working in this way enables you to really have your finger on the pulse of your business and your people.

As all relationships, this takes time to build, so whilst managing a crisis instantly can be effective, the deeper protection comes with the long-term relationship and deeper PR and communications strategies.

We are proud to pro-actively build and sustain these long-standing relationships with our clients which prove, time and time again, to be far more effective than firefighting.

By having a consistent strategy in place with one partner, you will be in a better position to preserve your reputation should a crisis strike, with a solid and effective communication strategy and plan for delivery in place. One that is built from a true understanding of the interests of the business, the CEO, the partners, the internal teams and one that also understands how to communicate and satisfy the external bodies and media agencies.



| One to One Communication Consultation


Are you at a crucial turning or crisis point? Need to protect your business reputation? Looking for more strategic communication for a new or existing message?  

Book a comprehensive, expert consultation to get clarity around any of these or other issues.

We will help you to take a view of what reputation management can do for you and what you need to do immediately. We will then advise you on a short and long-term strategy to protect and enhancing your business reputation.

| Other services

  • Digital PR tools training

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  • Online event management

  • Media database creation

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